I'm thinking about doing a game

2015-09-03 16:19:00 by brofang

well,it's a FNaF Fangame named "Five Nights at Davis".It's with my FNaF OC's.And i really need a big help.Can anyone help me?

If you want to contact with me,go on Deviantart or Gamejolt(and Gmail too or MAYBE Skype)


dA-GabrielEBF4Fan or Brofangtheartist166


I would be glad if anyone here could help :)

well,i didn't had much time and creativity,sorry guys :c

admin of two accounts there

2015-07-29 15:42:27 by brofang

yes,i'm admin of 2 accs on NG,the other is named "bropooper"that was created first,and she's older than this one,i created "brofang" because i forgot the password of the other,and now...i admin both hehe ^^;

i'm back bitches

2015-07-29 15:14:10 by brofang

exact,i came back after a long,long time without use this site,so yea :^)

Also feel free to be my friend and note me every time you want(of course,it's good making new friends)




Brofang :^)